Dubai is one of the most popular locations for a low-cost business setup in UAE and therefore we have curated a list of new business ideas for women in Dubai, however many people believe that women have to go through several hardships in starting a business in Dubai.

This is untrue, though. Women who seek to setup a company in Dubai are welcomed without any limitations. Simply pick what kind of business you want to start, and then move forward with it.

To ease, we have selected a few new business ideas in Dubai that are appropriate for every circumstance if you are a woman who wants to start a business in Dubai but are unsure of which business to start with.

List of 9 Small Business Ideas for Women in Dubai

1. Opening a Boutique

Given that boutique stores are in demand, opening one is a smart business idea to setup a business in Dubai. You can adapt your creativity and the newest fashion ideas to the needs of the buyer. Dubai is regarded as the world’s largest commercial hub, and you may start making money there very quickly. As an individual, you are free to adopt the most recent trends in lifestyle fashion and start your own business.

2. Selling seafood

Selling seafood can be a great place to start and is a successful business venture for a woman. The items must be procured as wholesale purchases and kept frozen. This will assist in food preservation and maintain the dish’s quality. The delivery can be made right to the customer’s door using a delivery van.

3. Opening an Embroidery Unit

In the clothing industry, embroidery work is referred to as a value-added process. To decorate the cloth or other materials, a basic sewing machine with many threads is needed. To set up a new company in Dubai effectively, the appropriate kind of marketing is necessary.

Delivering top-notch work to your clients also takes exceptional creative abilities. People in Dubai frequently wear embroidered clothing, thus it may be a profitable business for a woman to start.

4. Starting a Bakery

In Dubai, a woman can launch an everlasting business by opening a bakery unit. You don’t need to request baked products because Dubai is a popular tourist destination. There are two ways a bakery firm can be organized. Either set up a huge bakery unit and sell goods through retailers or install a retail bakery outlet to service the public immediately. Regardless, it is the most successful business venture for women in Dubai.

5. Candy Making

This is a lucrative company for you if creating candy is your pleasure. You may produce a variety of flavored candies in a short area by utilizing your skills. From chocolates to lollipops, all types of candies are highly popular in Dubai and are appreciated by both adults and children. Making candy is a great way to turn your skills and interest into a successful business in Dubai.

6. Soft Toys Making

The most lucrative industry for women is the production of soft toys. Worldwide, soft toys are in high demand, and during the holiday season, individuals frequently purchase toys for their children. If you are skilled at making attractive soft and plush toys, you can start this business and anticipate making a substantial profit. Depending on your area, the firm can be set up as a small-scale industrial, and raw materials are also easily accessible.

7. Opening a Real Estate Business

One of the fast-growing businesses in the UAE is real estate. The “Burj Khalifa,” the tallest building in the world, is one of numerous skyscrapers, malls, and other commercial and residential constructions in Dubai. Consequently, there are several prospects across a variety of real estate market categories. You can launch a new business in Dubai offering brokerage, property management, or real estate development solutions. Dubai’s real estate market is particularly successful due to the city’s high visitor influx. Before traveling further, you may simply begin by renting homes in your neighbourhood.

8. Opening a Craft Supply Store

The most lucrative business for women in Dubai is a craft shop. People frequently hunt for shops selling distinctive art products, which has resulted in a surge in the art and craft sector. However, the company needs a small amount of finance as well as certain distinctive crafts that are attractive enough to draw customers.

9. Opening a Coffee Shop

In the last ten years, the coffee shop business has experienced remarkable growth. If you love coffee and are enthusiastic, you can opt for a company setup in Dubai. You can sell a variety of coffees as well as some food in a coffee shop. After the house and the job, a coffee shop is typically said to as the third place where individuals go to unwind. One of the profitable companies that you may launch with a small investment is a coffee shop.


There has never been a better time to launch a business in Dubai. Any of the aforementioned businesses that best suit your interests and talents can be launched.

It requires a lot of paperwork and approvals to start a business in Dubai. But don’t worry we are here to help you in setting up a business in Dubai at no extra cost. Contact us or schedule a call and we will take care of the rest.