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1. No Income Tax (Tax-free)

2. Ease of Connectivity

3. Global Position

4. Safety and Well-Being

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You want to take advantage of the UAE’s free zone, right? It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run or what sector you work in. As each free zone in the UAE has its restrictions, it could be challenging to adhere to all of the requirements. But with our assistance, this won’t ever be an issue and you can set up a business in Dubai.

Our consulting experts will assist you in choosing the best business structure that offers 100% ownership, significant tax benefits, and simple capital repatriation. We will assist you with submitting the necessary paperwork to the relevant authorities and applying for a proper operating license.

We offer professional restructuring solutions as a leading business setup service in Dubai that will protect and preserve control of your group’s corporate position in the United Arab Emirates. Our experience can help your corporate group streamline and consolidate group entities to enhance corporate governance.

Our knowledgeable team of new business setup services in Dubai provides a variety of corporate structuring and consulting services that align with your company’s operations and growth strategies. We will support your company registration in Dubai from beginning to end, concentrating on the demands of the company as we develop a plan for excellent scalable solutions.

We are a top business setup consultant in Dubai, and we can work well with you. Since we have been providing business consulting services for more than ten years, we are happy to assist and look after our clients in the best manner possible.

At “Register Business in UAE,” we put the needs and requirements of our clients first. We provide services like getting a business license, helping with jurisdiction, classifying business activities, contracts protecting investors and partners, PRO-related services, renting office space, document translation, and other administrative and operational components.

We assist our clients in setting up their businesses in the UAE at every stage. We help clients find the appropriate location for their operations after first understanding the kind of business they intend to launch. Our team of business consultants assists the client in comprehending the market dynamics and possibilities in Dubai.

Hassle-Free Business Setup in Dubai

Many entrepreneurs have the desire to start a business in Dubai because of the market’s limitless potential for business growth. Dubai is currently the most exciting city, and it’s a terrific place to start a business.

However, starting a business in Dubai can be a difficult task, particularly given the lengthy document processing times. Our business setup services in Dubai are crucial to use for this reason.

Experts on our team of business consultants are capable of handling all of your chores with ease. A business is a long-term endeavour, and its foundation can make or ruin its future. Your company requires a strong start based on Dubai’s booming and rising economy. Your company may fiercely compete with Dubai’s developing economy by utilizing our professional business setup services in Dubai.

Your professional and knowledgeable guidance is provided by our business consulting professionals, who also keep you informed of any changes to Dubai’s business setup procedures. This guarantees that your company’s setup is both legal and error-free.

The UAE government has amended Dubai’s company formation law, which is anticipated to be very advantageous for business owners looking to launch their ventures there.

You can trade in both domestic and foreign markets while establishing a business in Dubai. It is advised that you work with a business setup consultant in Dubai to complete the procedure. You can do this to save time and money.

Our business setup consultants are skilled experts that can manage every aspect of your business establishment by advising and offering thorough support all along the way.

We handle all the minor and major processes including registering your company in Dubai, setting up offices, company formation in Dubai, Partner visa in Dubai, VAT services, etc.

UAE free-zone list

Why you should start your business in the Free Zone.

The main reason is that UAE free-zone companies are 100% exempt from income tax. We deal with the mainland, major free zones, and offshore partners.

Who Can Start a Business in the Dubai?

Both new and existing firms in Dubai must abide by rigid frameworks set forth by the UAE Government. We offer quick and dependable business setup services in Dubai for businesses in the mainland, FreeZone, and offshore based on the rules.

For start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and large corporations in Dubai, we offer a variety of business establishment services. Brand protection, bank account creation, PRO services, company liquidation, and many other services are among our offerings.

To learn more about the laws that apply to your particular industry, speak with one of our business setup advisers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the important FAQs.

“The allowable company structure in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Limited liability company
  2. General partnership company (UAE nationals only)
  3. Limited partnership company (UAE nationals only)
  4. Joint venture
  5. Sole proprietorship
  6. Branch of a foreign company
  7. Representative office of a foreign company
  8. Public shareholding company
  9. Private shareholding company
  10. Partnership limited by shares
  11. Partnership-en-commandite

“According to facts and figures, United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s fastest-growing tax havens, with over $200bn flowing into the country, according to the Tax Justice Network.


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