It’s easier and simple to setup a company in Dubai and this post points to the top reasons of starting a business in Dubai.

In several areas of the economy, including import and export trading, logistics, event management, tourism, financial services, hospitality, construction, and others, Dubai has become a significant worldwide trading hub and investment destination.

Dubai is one of the most well-known cities in the United Arab Emirates and a significant worldwide business centre. Starting a company in Dubai offers several advantages because the Dubai government welcomes companies of all shapes and sizes to operate there.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs should set up their companies in Dubai in 2023. Let’s take a look at the top reasons for setting up a business in Dubai.

Top 10 Benefits of starting a Company in Dubai

  1. Strategic location of Dubai city

Dubai is an excellent location for conducting many forms of business, including trading, import, export, logistics, and many others, due to its advantageous location between Europe, Asia, and Africa. It is located in the centre of the 400-mile-long UAE coast. Dubai has access to the sea, making shipping goods in and out of the country possible. Additionally, it boasts one of the biggest airports in the world, which helps in the movement of commodities from the east to the west.

  1. No Taxation Policy for most businesses

The economy of the United Arab Emirates is thought to be the most open and diverse in the entire globe. With the exception of multinational banks, hotels, and significant oil and gas corporations, practically all company categories are not subject to taxes in Dubai. In Dubai, certain taxes are lowered, including:

  1. Personal income tax
  2. Capital gains tax
  3. Value-added tax
  4. Withholding tax
  5. Corporate tax


  1. Ease of Company Setup

Starting a business in Dubai is simpler than ever thanks to the government’s cooperation and the city’s quickly developing technological infrastructure. The documentation requirements are minimal, and forming a company in Dubai is a simple process to follow. You can get in touch with us to start up your business in Dubai with little paperwork and at no additional expense.

  1. Easy to get a UAE Residency Visa for yourself

You will be qualified to obtain a UAE resident visa for yourself and your family with ease if you establish a business in Dubai or another emirate of the UAE. A resident visa for the UAE opens the door to a host of additional advantages, including the ability to lease an apartment for an extended period of time, enter and exit the UAE on many occasions, and apply for visas for other nations.

  1. Many Free Zones to choose from

Dubai offers more than 20 free zones from which to pick based on the needs of your company. A free zone is a place that has been designated as being tax-free and where foreign investors can open up shop and operate fully-owned enterprises. Free zones, however, have different license requirements and set different laws and regulations. For instance, there are Free Zones for media enterprises (Dubai Media City), educational and training institutions (Dubai Knowledge Village), healthcare providers (Dubai Healthcare City or DHCC), and many more.

  1. World’s Best Infrastructure

When establishing a business in Dubai, you won’t need to worry about locating an office, a retail store, a manufacturing unit, etc. because everything is set up and ready to use. Dubai’s infrastructure improves over time and continues to draw many entrepreneurs and enterprises. Additionally, it has excellent telecommunications, a fantastic public transportation system, etc.

  1. Availability of Advanced Digital Facilities

Dubai has the most cutting-edge digital infrastructure and is working toward becoming the digital hub of the future. The city has implemented a number of digital projects, such as minimizing traffic, offering top-notch internet connections, offering the greatest healthcare services, etc. All of these technological developments increase the possibility of conducting business in the city.

  1. Largest Sea Ports and Airports

Jabal Ali Port, one of the largest seaports in the world, and Dubai International Airport, the largest airport, are both located in Dubai. Therefore, shipping internationally won’t be a headache for you, and you may import and export goods from anywhere in the world without any problems.

  1. Dubai offers a high-Quality Living Standard

You may enjoy excellent living circumstances and a high standard of living in Dubai. The city is home to a wide variety of communities, religions, and cultures. Additionally, residing in such a diverse area enables residents to gain knowledge about many cultures and practices. The UN Happiness Index places the UAE as the 14th happiest country in the world.

  1. Extraordinary Government Support

The Dubai government offers top-notch security and amenities to overseas companies. It ensures quality and an increase in business prospects while continuing to alter the laws and regulations governing doing business in the city. Additionally, the Dubai government continues to host numerous international events that promote corporate growth.


There are tons more good reasons to establish a business in Dubai. It is the most sought-after location for living, working, and conducting business. The Dubai government encourages foreigners to conduct business and make investments in the United Arab Emirates.

You can contact us for advice on forming your company in Dubai if you wish to start a business there. Without charging you more, we will help you create a comprehensive plan, gather all the necessary paperwork, and get your business license. Contact us by scheduling a call with us.